Visit. Shop. Eat. Washington

Chevie Ruder
A marketing campaign to let people know we were open for business following the November 2013 Tornado.
On November 17, 2013 our community was devastated by a tornado. Over 1,500 of the homes in our community were damaged with more than 1,100 of the families being displaced. The news media and our city initially were telling people to avoid Washington, to stay out of the way, and that many roads were closed. With the busy holiday shopping time just around the corner many of our small businesses were not going to make it through the winter because there were so few shoppers during that time. To counteract this the chamber created the Visit.Shop.Eat. Washington Campaign. This campaign kicked off in December of 2013, and was designed to let people know that despite the tornado our business community, which luckily was largely untouched, was open and ready for business. We needed Washington residents that were displaced and residents from surrounding communities to know our businesses were suffering without their support, so the Visit. Shop. Eat. Campaign started. It was a largely grass roots campaign with yard signs, posters, window clings, social media posts, flyers showing was you can support small businesses and the difference just spending a few dollars could make.




Grand Prize

Feature in the 2015 Edition of Chambers of Inspiration