Shot in the Arm for Housing

Dan Mauk
The Shot in the Arm program provides an incentive for area home builders to build new homes and address a critical housing shortage.
Our employers, especially our large employers, have jobs they cannot fill due to a lack of available housing choices. The problem is a prefect storm resulting from the housing crisis of 2008 and an improving local economy with ready commercial and residential remodeling opportunities. The housing bust caused some local home builders to fail, others to exit the business and limited access to capital for those that remained. Adding to those issues, our community saw a huge increase in commercial, new construction as well as plentiful residential remodeling work. Our plan leveraged Chamber funds with local public funds to offer $8,000 per home to builders that build homes to our minimum standards. Three weeks after approval, we have applications for twenty-six (26) single family homes and eight (8) duplexes. We expect more than 60 applications for the 43 grants available and all funds to be committed by July 15th.




Grand Prize

Feature in the 2015 Edition of Chambers of Inspiration