Pizza Palooza

Tammie Heinrichs
Community based pizza competition with proceeds benefiting a local charity.
Our Pizza Palooza events are town based (we are a regional Chamber) competitions of local pizza shops striving for the title of "Best slice" in their hometown. Marketed as a family night out, for $20 a family can spend an evening of fun and food and vote for their favorite shop. Sponsorship dollars are generated by Chamber staff and local affiliates, giving non-pizza businesses an opportunity to showcase their own organization, while contributing to the event. All proceeds benefit a hometown charity or organization, for example in Weymouth, MA, the proceeds went to the local food pantry. At the first annual Palooza, over $8,000 which translated into over $60,000 of food purchase for the Weymouth Food Pantry.




Grand Prize

Feature in the 2015 Edition of Chambers of Inspiration