The 38th Annual Parker Tube Float: "It's Like Totally Tubular!"

Mary Hamilton
Long-running fundraising event for Chamber has turned into the fourth "holiday" during the summer.
The Parker Tube Float has been around for 38 years! It is our annual fundraiser for the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce. Two years ago, with the use of social media and digital marketing, we increased the registration from 10% to more than 50%! We went from 800 registered participants to 4,271 utilizing our new strategies for marketing the event. It is estimated by the United States Coast Guard that approximately 8,000 people are floating on the body of water known to many as the Parker Strip Recreation Area located on Arizona’s West Coast. Our strategy was to make it easy for people to register on-line, educate the participants that it is a fundraiser and to make sure they know what we do for visitors, the businesses and the community. This event has always been dependent on local sponsorship and the sales of registration (wristbands). Until 2013, the proceeds were minimal. Our organization partners with area businesses, local law enforcement and first responders, the Colorado River Indian Tribes, La Paz County and the Town of Parker to orchestrate this event. The 2015 event was our third year utilizing on-line registration and this year proved to be even more successful utilizing our ChamberMaster program as our on-line registration, event page and social media feed. Each year we pick a theme and a "tag line" and floaters are encouraged to utilize the theme with their team names and decorating their floats. This year was 80's Pop Culture, "It's Like, Totally Tubular." Some example of team names were: "Flock of Sea Girls", "Hall and Floats", "The Goonies", "New Kids on the Float", "Gnarly Floaters" "Karma Chameleons", "Jessie's Girls", "Should I Stay or Should I Float"




Grand Prize

Feature in the 2015 Edition of Chambers of Inspiration