N2 Innovation Corridor Initative

Greg Reibman
We've branded an area of our market as a destination for start-ups and other innovation economy businesses
Like most chambers, our core membership and sponsorship base had been shrinking in recent years, even while the economy around us has been expanding. In Massachusetts the innovation economy has been booming, to the point where nearly 40 percent of our workforce is employed by the sector, the highest in the nation. But those businesses were not among our members. In early 2014, following a comprehensive strategic planning process the year before, we embarked in a program designed to attract these new companies to our market while at the same time helping existing companies find value in our chamber. Working with the Massachusetts Office of Economic Development and the two municipalities in our footprint, we designated two underutilized office parks as the “N-Squared Innovation Corridor” as a destination for innovation economy businesses.




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