The Solar Wreath Project

Emma Schumann
The Chamber facilitated the creation of the first solar powered, self sustating, commercial grade LED holiday wreath light systems.
When the town’s holiday decorations came to the end of their useful life, the Chamber worked to find something that was environmentally friendly, did not require the use of extension cords, light bulb strings, or rely on power from town street poles. Every company contacted told us the technology was not available commercially yet. The White River Valley Chamber of Commerce contacted Bill McGrath, President of LEDdynamics, an innovator in LED technology located in Randolph, VT. LEDdynamics agreed to take on the challenge of designing, testing and creating an LED lighting system that uses individually mounted solar panels, battery packs, light sensors, and an automatic timing mechanism. The new system is efficient, easily installed and taken down, environmentally friendly and the lights are brighter than ever. The system can be hung on any pole and does not require any electricity from the town. It is believed to be the first of its kind, able to withstand significant snow, ice, subzero temperatures and dark winter days without fail. The project created great publicity for the town and the companies involved. Stories were carried locally, nationally and internationally on television (news), in news publications, in periodicals and solar and lighting company websites as far away as China.




Grand Prize

Feature in the 2015 Edition of Chambers of Inspiration