Readily Achievable Barrier Removal Plan

Karen VanKeulen
We worked with various entities to implement a plan for our chamber members to become ADA compliant.
In response to a number of ADA lawsuits brought against our local businesses, we worked with the City of Marshall, Southwest Center for Independent Living (SWCIL), and the State of Minnesota to implement a plan to aid businesses in becoming compliant. We put together a condensed packet of information and a template for a Readily Achievable Barrier Removal Plan which we then completed with the business. We focused on four key areas (parking, accessibility, shop-ability, and awareness) and provided matching grant assistance for improvements made up to a specific amount. Because each business is unique, we also provided links to extended ADA resources. After each visit we provide the business with two table tents stating the businesses’ willingness to assist with disabled patrons and a decal stating that they are ADA compliant or working on a Readily Achievable Barrier Removal Plan. We anticipate this to be an ongoing program until we have reached all businesses.




Grand Prize

Feature in the 2015 Edition of Chambers of Inspiration