Business Immigrant Mentorship Program, Hive Incubator

Janet Moser
Nationally recognized Business Support Program for Newly Landed Immigrant Business Developers - Mentoring and Business Incubation
In 2009 the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce piloted on behalf of the Provincial Government a new and innovative approach to supporting incoming newcomers who were struggling to understand Canadian business culture and to find their footing to becoming included and participatory community members. After doing extensive research we concluded that our Chamber was the first in Canada to offer such support to newcomers. Since 2009 the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia have borrowed and developed the sister program to ours. In 2012 our program won national recognition with Startup Canada as top mentoring group in Canada. It is important to note that we began this program from just an idea. Matching immigrant mentees to local business professionals for a six month mentoring component as well as a comprehensive Doing Business in Canada Business Curriculum and training component of 10 individual classroom days are only a few of our offerings. In 2014 we were awarded a second program called HIVE. Hive is a business incubator that houses 12 business developers who are being fast tracked with full time support in high growth potential business start ups. Again, this innovative program is the first of its kind in our country and has been visited by several senior politicians including the Federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander. We have the full support of our Chamber it's board and our wonderful CEO Krista Ross who support and champion on our behalf everyday to keep this wonderful work going. To operate a program that works on such a high level of cultural awareness, trust and impact on our newcomers happiness and success is truly an inspiring place to be. I truly believe that we are doing something absolutely wonderful and the impact is immeasurable. One other addition that I find very exciting is that our mentees are all offered memberships for Toastmasters International. We do whatever we can within our budgetary restraints to give offer quality programming that will enhance their lives, and experience in Canada. After all, they chose us.. so we must support them.




Grand Prize

Feature in the 2015 Edition of Chambers of Inspiration