Burnaby Board of Trade’s “High Tea” event series

Cory Redekop
A program to bridge the gap between the Board of Trade community and local minority-owned businesses and cultural business associations.
The Burnaby Board of Trade’s High Tea event series is an initiative that was developed 18-months ago as a way of helping us connect with the local Asian business community and promote the Board of Trade. The High Tea events are networking and educational events with an Asia-Pacific theme. Each event features a guest speaker who presents on an Asia-Pacific topic of interest (immigration laws, international trade programs, updates from Consul Generals, etc). Following the presentation, the rest of the event is set aside for networking while attendees enjoy authentic Asian cuisine from one of Burnaby’s great restaurants. The event series was originally Chinese-themed with dim sum as the featured cuisine, but subsequent events have included other segments of our Asia-Pacific communities with Korean, Japanese and Indian themed events, speakers and cuisine.




Grand Prize

Feature in the 2015 Edition of Chambers of Inspiration